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Naiad Design (New Zealand)

Naiad Design is a New Zealand company. Naiad has been in business for 25 years and is regarded as a world leader in designing rigid hull inflatable and foam-fendered boats up to 50 feet. These boats are mainly for commercial use including Pilot Boats, Rescue Vessels, Military Boats, Police and Patrol Boats, and Commercial Passenger Boats. Naiad has customers around the world including US Marines, US Navy, Royal New Zealand Coastguard, Australian Marine Rescue, plus many New Zealand and Australian government departments. Naiad's in-house computer aided design (CAD) enables them to be innovative in their design approach, and to research the effect of hull changes on performance. This means Naiad vessels are extremely efficient and soft-riding, reducing crew fatigue. We offer three different types of fender system to suit our customers' requirements.Whichever way you look at it, you can't go past a Naiad for safety, reliability and comfort.


Roger Hill Yacht Design (New Zealand )

Roger Hill has been drawing boats for just over 32 years. Starting out his working life as an Architectural draughtsman and then being asked to join the office of Bruce Farr in Auckland.
The Hills moved with the office to Annapolis and after 3 years there went on to work in England for Rob Humphreys for 3 years, moving back to Auckland in the late 80's to settle down with a family.


Mer et Design (France)

MER et Design is a dynamic and innovative office of Naval Architects and Marine Designers.
French leader for work boats and passenger ferries, MER et Design has also a very good experience in design of ocean going sailing yachts and motor yachts.
Philippe Subrero leads the MER et Design team office since 1980.
Mer et Design is a 10 person team of Naval Architects, Engineers and Confirmed sailors.They combine their talents and their enthusiasm to design efficient and aesthetic boats.


ProMarin Design (Norway)

ProMarin ANS is a marine-design and engineering company, established in 2001 on the island of Smøla in Norway.
Our scope of work are mainly design and engineering of work boats and fishing boats up to 20 metres.
We work with planing boats as well as displacement boats.Our customers are mainly boatbuilders but we also work directly with boat owners.


South Boats Special projects (England)

South Boats Special Projects Ltd is the world’s leading designer and builder of offshore wind farm service and transfer vessels. The unique design of the range of aluminium and GRP catamarans, starting at 12m to over 30m, offers a complete package, including bespoke design, vessel construction, sea trials, crew and wind turbine access training. There are currently 47 South Boats’ vessels in the European market with 13 operators, with experience on over 25 projects.


Aaltomarin-Boats & Marine Design (Finland)

Aaltomarin-Boats & Marine Design is specialized in designing of aluminium & composite boats. You can order boats from our standard range, custom design or building plans to build up your own boat. 
Aaltomarin is focused to design environmental friendly boats. In this case aluminium is in the key role as a building material. Nevertheless Aaltomarin has the know-how of fiberglass / composite materials as well. 


Marinelec Technologies (France)

Marinelec Technologies is a specialist of electronic security equipments for the maritime sector.
We design and manufacture alarm systems for all kinds of vessels :
Fire detection
Tank level measurement & detection
Navigation Lights panels
General Alarm System
Alarm panels
Supervision monitoring systems
Safety equipments
Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System BNWAS
TEL:0086-0411-87512133  Send us an email